To foster growth using synergy and value addition in an environmentally sustainable manner and to nurture win-win relationships with world class companies who serve discerning consumers in building the most innovative Agribusiness Group in Sri Lanka by the year 2020.

Culture And Values

Silvermill culture is derived from a set of values which are embedded in the genetic of organization.

  • S
    haring knowledge and experiences with each other as members of a ‘learning’ organization.
  • I
    nnovative spirit that creates new products and new processes to remain ahead of competition
  • L
    earning : gain exposure to latest technologies, best practices and participate in training programs for continuous improvement and personal growth
  • V
    isualizing the organization’s philosophy in all our activities
  • E
    co-friendly : be environmentally conscious in everything we do
  • R
    esourcefulness : to harness and develop all resources to its maximum
  • M
    utual Respect to all colleagues at all levels
  • I
    ntegrity in all our actions and transactions
  • L
    eadership in industry in all our core activities
  • L
    ong term relationships that are beneficial to all stakeholders