Ever since Mars Inc. conducted "Bounty" trials at our desiccated coconut manufacturing facilities almost 50 years ago, Silvermill has been in the forefront of product quality and innovation.

Our sweetened coconut meets the stringent Quality Standards of multinationals as well as discerning customers worldwide. Apart from the Quality Audits and multitude of questionnaires sent by these customers, hourly product testing is carried out at our dedicated 'Sweetening Plant' to ensure that physical, chemical, and microbiological parameters are within the product specification. At the plant, moisture is increased to 10% - 15% and sugar added to desiccated coconut to yield a sweeter, more tender form similar to that of fresh coconut.

The 'Innovations Team' at Silvermill is mandated to develop a minimum of two new cuts per year which is then forwarded to Marketing for customer comments and acceptance. This spirit of Innovation at Silvermillis best exemplified by coloured coconut and flavoured coconut which have created an entire new list of applicationsfor Bakers -whether it is the colours of the Rainbow or a 'Green" Sweet Flake to garnish on cakes, pies celebrating St. Patrick's day or reducing the cost of bakery products by substituting for more expensive nut meats like Hazelnut with "Hazelnut Flavored Coconut Crunch" in bakery applications, Silvermill has provided innovative bakery solutions.

Silvermill Sweetened Coconut is used as toppings in delicious cakes particularly the world famous Coconut Cake, in pastries, confectionary products and in Retail Packs for 'Home Baking."Recent publicity on the Health Benefits of Coconut including its high (soluble) dietary fiber content has made sweetened coconut the "choice ingredient" to include in New Product Development work conducted by major food companies.

Sweetened, Coloured and Flavoured Coconut are packed in 5ply, corrugated (cardboard) cartons with inner sealed polythene liner. Standard box sizes are 25lbs, 50lbs, and 10kg.

  • sweet flake
    Sweet Flake
  • sweet fancy shred
    Sweet Fancy Shred
  • sweet medium
    Sweet Medium
  • rainbow sweet flake
    Rainbow Sweet Flake
  • green-sweet-flake
    Green Sweet Flake
  • red coconut crunch
    Red Coconut Crunch
  • hazelnut coconut crunch
    Hazelnut - Coconut
  • almond coconut crunch
    Almond - Coconut
  • walnut coconut crunch
    Walnut - Coconut