The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is currently well emphasized in many companies in Sri Lanka.

However even before the term CSR become formalized in organizations, Silvermillhas been engaged in such activities since its early days. The founder, Anthony Silva's philanthropical attitude resulted in the construction of many schools, places of worship and community housing development.

In 2006, Silvermill initiated a formalized system for the development of CSR to reflect its continued commitment to uplift the living standards of the community. CSR will integrate complete awareness of social and environmental concerns into all business activities, strengthen the organization's fabric in a moral and ethical manner, and simultaneously contribute to the welfare of our communities, the environment and society at large. Our CSR program, Silvermill Community Outreach (SCO), is designed to inspire, motivate and celebrate company-wide participation in three fundamental pillars: PEOPLE, ENVIRONMENT, AND SOCIETY. Each pillar is supported by a Champion who is forging strategic and tactical plans annually, to ensure a rewarding, effective, durable and self-perpetuating program. Recent Projects of Silvermill Community Outreach include:

Dambadeniya Hospital

Silvermill has donated medical equipment including an ECG machine to Dambadeniya base Hospital.

Government Polyclinic Center – Loluwagoda

Polyclinics provide advisory services to pregnent mothers, nutrition packs to young mothers with toddlers and numerous other services to women. Silvermill was recently involved in providing the Government administered Polyclinic at Mirigama with basic facilities including water supply, furniture and repairing of the building to enable the clinic to provide uninterrupted services.

Kandangamuwa Primary School

Kandangamuwa Primary School did not have sufficientresources in its library. Silvermill got involved toprovide File Cabinets, Tables, Racks, and Chairs to complete these short comings.

Wheelchair for Disabled Person

Mr.I .P Jayawardene's (an employee of Silvermill) daughter met with a critical accident which has left her paralyzed from the waist downwards. Silvermill lent a helping hand to provide a bed type wheelchair.

University Scholarship Project

Silvermill provides scholarships to children of employees who have genuine difficulty in affording a university education. The kids have already demonstrated their abilities by gaining entrance to Sri Lankan universities which are highly competitive.