• silvermill_holdings_ltd
    Silvermill Holdings Ltd .

    Silvermill Holdings has its origins dating back to 1920 when Anthony Silva opened his first desiccated coconut factory. The company has "Re-Invented" itself in 2012 as a producer of Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO). VCO has been termed "Natures Miracle Cure" due to the immense health benefits that it provides.

  • s.a.silva_&_sons_lanka_(pvt)_ltd
    S.A. Silva & Sons Lanka (Pvt) Ltd .

    Playing a leading role in the Silvermill Group, our processing facilities conform to Mars (Masterfoods) quality standards, which is the "benchmark" in the desiccated coconut industry. Furthermore, the plant has the following certifications: BRC, HACCP& ISO 22000, in order to ensure the highest standards of product quality. We are Kosher and Organic certified. The plant has an annual production capacity of approximately 11000 metric tons (24 million lbs) of coconut products.

    A complete range of Desiccated, Toasted, Sweetened, Coloredand and Flavored coconut are manufactured and exported to over 40 countries. Most recently, the "Health Benefits" of coconut have been highlighted by the media and has captured the imagination of the consumers. This has driven demand to an expanding new customer base. apart from the traditional partnerships we enjoy with leading food manufacturersin the world.

  • silvermill_coco_ventures_(pvt)_ltd
    Silvermill Coco Ventures (Pvt) Ltd .

    The emerging threat of global warming and the tremendous demands placed on petroleum products to satisfy the world's ever expanding energy requirements, have created opportunities to develop and market renewable energy solutions. Capitalize on this opportunity and making use of its vast resources of coconut shell generated from its own operations, Silvermill forayed in 2007 into biomass based energy solutions. Current projects include Texpro Industries and Unilever Sri Lanka.

    It is envisaged that energy solutions will play a leading role within Silvermillin the years to come.

  • international_commodity_traders_(pvt)_ltd
    International Commodity Traders (Pvt) Ltd .

    Understanding the need to diversify the product range to apices and allied products, ICT was created. The company specializes in the export of spices such as Cinnamon (Canela),Pepper, Cloves, Nutmeg, Mace from Sri Lanka.

    In 2012, International Commodity Traders was among the top twelve exporters of Cinnamon to the world and Mexico, being the largest market for Sri Lankan Cinnamon. We are HACCP, ISOcertified with Kosher certificate in progress. New products offering include Essential Oils.

  • silvermill_natural_beverages_(pvt)_Ltd
    Silvermill Natural Beverages (Pvt) Ltd .

    While coconut growing nations have known the health benefits of coconut water for generations, only in recent years have western nations found this well-kept secret. Coconut water has now been accepted as an ideal Sports (Isotonic) Drink and Silvermill is proud to be associated with All Market Inc., the market leaders in this category in North America.Silvermill plans to pack over 15million liters of coconut water per year into 'ready-to-drink' tetra packs for VITA COCO customers which include several celebrities and sportsman.