Creamed Coconut is derived from unsweetened dehydratedfresh meat of coconut, ground to a white creamy paste. It is a high quality shelf stable productthat contains only natural ingredients. There are no genetically modified ingredients.

Creamed Coconut is suitable for consumption as a food ingredient. The product is rich in dietaryfiber which helps digestion among many other health benefits. Please do not confuse betweenCreamed Coconut and Coconut Cream. Coconut Cream has maximum moisture content of74% whereas Creamed Coconut has moisture content of 3% maximum. Creamed Coconut is creamy white and consists of a strong coconutflavour.

Creamed Coconut has an intense coconut aroma when compared to Coconut Cream andCoconut Milk that you can easily find in the market.

Creamed Coconut is so functional it can be used in various applications. i.e. cake fillings, wafercookies, truffles, chocolates, toppings for nutritional cereal and snack bars to mention only a few.It can be used for en-robing ice cream bars, raisins, cherries, tree nuts and other coatingapplications.

Creamed Coconut is ideal for use in Oriental, Caribbean and Asian food preparations, frozenready meals, soups, sauces, dips, spreads and smoothie type beverage applications.

Silvermill Creamed Coconut is made of 100% premium fresh coconut from Sri Lanka,touting all the health benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil.

12 months shelf-life : The product is to be stored in clean, cool and dry place. Avoid directsunlight and strong odor. This product is ambient stable, but at temperature below22°C(71.6°F), it will solidify.This is reversible and will not affect the product quality.

To thaw (bulk packing) : place in hot box or warm room at 104°F - 113°F (40°C-45°C) untilproduct becomes liquid.

To dilute (bulk packing) : Thick Coconut Milk (24% Fat) add 1.75 parts of hot water to 1part of Creamed Coconut and mix well until it turns into a liquid cream. Thin CoconutMilk (17% Fat) add 2.8 parts of hotwater to 1 part of Creamed Coconut

To dilute (retail packing) : Creamed Coconut is easily diluted with hotwater, eg. Ifyouwouldlike to have thick coconut milk Use 50g of Creamed Coconut + 150ml water, and thincoconut milk Use 50g+250ml water.

SilvermillCreamed Coconut is packed in200g cardboard boxes for the Retail market. Bulk packing options for Industry include 20kg (44lb) plastic pails and 204kg (450lb) “Open head” steel drums. An Organic Version of Silvermill Creamed Coconut is available and is very popular.

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