Coconut Cream is the sweet, milky white liquid that is obtained from the white flesh of fresh ripe coconuts. The fresh coconut white meat is mechanically pressed to produce coconut creamwith a deliciously creamy taste and texture. It is homogenized and sterilized for product safety. Coconut cream is similar to coconut milk but contains less water to give a 'thicker' product.

Silvermill Coconut Cream is ideal for use in Oriental, Caribbean and Indian food preparations, soups, sauces, marinades and beverage applications. Excellent for baking cakes, making ice creams, shakes and smoothies.

Recent publicity on the Health Benefits of Coconut has made coconut cream the "choice ingredient" to include in new Product Development work done by major food companies.

Our product has no cholesterol,is Kosher, Gluten Free, GM Free, suitable for Vegetarians comswith a fat content of 22%.

Directions for use :
Shake well before using. Once opened keep unused product in an air tight, non metallic container and refrigerate. Use within two days.

It is worth noting that coconut cream may solidify in cool temperatures but will melt when warmed. This has no effect on flavor or quality.

Silvermill Coconut Cream is packed in400 ml (14 FL. OZ, No.1) tin cans for the Retail market and 2.8 Liter (95 FL. OZ, No. 10) tin cans for Food Service (HORECA). Bulk packing options for Industry include 20kg (44lb) corrugated cartons and 20kg (44lb) plastic pails forFrozen Coconut Cream.

An Organic Version of Silvermill Coconut Cream is available and gaining increasing popularity.

Coconut Cream Canned Or Frozen